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Graphs are fine, but when you really want to geek out on the data, you tables - filterable, sortable tables.

All of the core data used for is included in the table below. We provide most of the data you see at other sites, paired with population and political data. This let's us provide you with per capita data, enabling you to do analyses for yourself, where other sites only show you the results of their analyses. While we provide a lot of ways to analyze information on our graph pages, sortable, filterable tabular data makes it much easier to figure out certain things.

For example, in the spring, with the newness of the virus, high international travel rate and high a population density, New York became our high water mark for cases per capita. With quarantine measures in place, it seemed unlikely any state would exceed those early numbers. So, have any states exceeded the New York's peak per capita case count? Yes! As of 10/18/2020, 22 states now have higher cumulative cases per capita than NY!

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*Raw data on which this page is based is pulled, daily, from the Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering GIT repository.
Tables, charts and additional processing of data provided by The Last Lemming, a division of CamRock Interactive, Inc.
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